(UPDATED) Gus Johnson Leaves CBS and MMA in Favor of FOX

Written by Tom Ngo
May 10th, 2011

CBS Strikeforce Showtime Gus Johnson

If you’re going to go out, you might as well go out on top. After handling the play-by-play duties in Manny Pacquiao’s lopsided unanimous decision victory over Shane Mosley this past Saturday, it appears Gus Johnson will part ways with CBS/Showtime and hop over to FOX.

“CBS declined to match Fox’s offer,” an industry source told the NYDailyNews. “They let Johnson’s people know [Monday].”

Johnson will provide thrilling play-by-play for NFL and Pac-12 football games for FOX.

Johnson has made quite a name for himself over the years as an announcer during the Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament on CBS. He started calling mixed martial arts action for EliteXC on the network back in 2008, but fans of the cage never seemed to take a liking to him.

What really appeared to irritate MMA purists across the globe was the ridiculous comment Johnson made while caught in the middle of the “Strikeforce: Nashville” chaos in April 2010.

“Sometimes these things happen in MMA, a lot of testosterone in the cage. Gentlemen, we’re on national television,” Johnson shouted over the arena’s speaker system as the brawl broke out. “Gentlemen, we’re on national television!”

Here are several of Gus’ more famous quotes:

“Oh my goodness!”, “Rise and fire … Count it!”, “From the parking lot!”, “And the Runner … Bang”,”Pure!”, “BAM!”, “Cold-Blooded!”, and of course, “HA-HAAA!”

(UPDATED: 5/10/11 6:09PM PT)

According to MMAFighthing, Johnson has indeed left CBS. However, his deal with FOX still allows him to announce for Showtime. Although execs from the premium channel have yet to confirm the news, it appears Johnson’s time calling MMA may have found new life.

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