Frankie Edgar on Injuries: Rib Kept Popping In and Out, But Back was the Real Problem

Written by Tom Ngo
May 10th, 2011

UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar

Imagine having to prepare to defend your UFC title while one of your ribs continues to spring out of place. If that doesn’t sound excruciating enough, tack on a couple of bulging discs in your back and you’ll know exactly how lightweight champion Frankie Edgar feels at this very moment.

“All of the reports are talking about my ribs, it’s actually my back,” Edgar told UFC.com. “My back’s been bothering me for quite some time. A few weeks ago I had to take a week off so that my back could calm down and I was trying to fight through it. I got through it and it kept blowing out on me here and there but then I ended up blowing out a rib last week.

“My rib kept popping in and out and then last week my back went out on me really bad, so I went to see … a UFC doctor yesterday and he said my L2 and L5 discs are bulged, and he recommended that I don’t fight right now.”

According to Edgar, laying flat on his back is the most comfortable position for him to be in at this point in time. The 155-pound king claims he can’t hold his kids or even put on his own socks, so forget about carrying a gold belt to the Octagon. However, that doesn’t mean he wasn’t willing to give it the ol’ college try.

“I was planning on going through with the fight with the back injury,” Edgar stated. “I didn’t want to postpone the bout at all. I feel like I lost the fight right now. I’m very depressed about this whole situation.

“I’m never 100 percent healthy when I step in the Octagon anyway, but this is something different. I’m not even 30% right now.”

Edgar was set to defend his title against Gray Maynard later this month at UFC 130. Oddly, Maynard was shelved the same day the champ’s injury came to light. The lone bright spot of both fighters being sidelined is their trilogy will go on as planned, just at a later date.

“I’m hoping surgery won’t be an option right now, I’m hoping I can rehab it and get better and get back to training in a month, but I can’t give you any solid answer right now as to how long I’ll be out,” Edgar added. “From what I hear, Gray is pretty banged up and he wasn’t having the best camp either, so maybe everything happens for a reason.

“I know that when I fight Gray I want him to be at his best, he wants me to be at my best and I’m sure the fans want us both at our best too.”

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