TapouT Owners Admit to Distributing Mask’s Cremated Ashes, Will Return His Remains

Written by Tom Ngo
May 12th, 2011

TapouT Crew Mask Punkass Skyscrape

Shortly after Carla Lewis, sister of deceased TapouT owner Charles “Mask” Lewis, filed a lawsuit claiming the two surviving owners of the popular MMA clothing company stole her brother’s cremated ashes, distributed roughly 50-100 vials containing his ashes at his funeral and are refusing to return the remains, Dan “Punkass” Caldwell and Tim “Skyscrape” Katz decided it was high time to share their side of the unfortunate story.

“Sad [expletive]! Relatives who hadnt talked to Charles in 10 years now comin out to get money! Not his Ashes! Anyway his ashes belong to his kids!” Punkass tweeted Wednesday.

While the group’s shortest member opted to limit his defense to 140 characters on Twitter, Skyscrape took to the Underground Forums to fire back at Carla.

“You all who talk shit should know the whole story first!!! She is a nut case that Charles couldn’t stand (his words not mine)! And I was the closest person to him the past 13 years! She is reaching for SOMETHING!” Skyscrape posted yesterday.

After unleashing his wrath, Skyscrape later circled back to clarify his frustration regarding the disappointing situation.

“I’m sorry for sayin what I said today! It just gets to me so much when all these people come tryin to take what we’ve worked so hard to build! I should (and actually do know) how people are by now and it doesn’t surprise me!” he wrote.

“All the talk about “the lawsuits wouldn’t have happened if Charles was here” etc, take its toll no matter how strong I try and be! The only thing that wouldn’t have happened is lawsuits over stolen remains, and selling them at the memorial (WHICH IS NOT TRUE BTW). I would NEVER do that or allow that to be done!”

Punkass and Skyscrape’s attorney told TMZ the two did distribute a “very small amount” of Mask’s ashes to close friends at his funeral service. They believe there is “nothing wrong with dividing up a loved one’s ashes” and giving them to the loved ones he left behind.

Whether the actions were right or not, Carla states they were not authorized to do so. She claims she is the only person with the legal authority to control Mark’s ashes.

Tapout’s dynamic duo has agreed to return Mask’s remains to his estate, but Carla is suing for unspecified damages, citing “overwhelming and severe emotional distress.”

We’ll see how the retrieval of her brother’s cremated ashes will affect her lawsuit.

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