Jon Jones Addresses His “Fake” Hand Injury

Written by Tom Ngo
May 13th, 2011

UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones

Names are being called, accusations are being flung and the hoopla is starting to pick up steam. The only thing missing between UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones and Rashad Evans’ Twitter spat is an immediate showdown.

On Friday, Evans confirmed a report he was involved in a non-physical altercation with Jones in a Las Vegas nightclub. He then accused Jones of faking his hand injury in order to pull out of their impending title scrap.

When is your surgery? Which doctor did you visit? Why are you faking like your thumb is actually hurt? Etc.

Jones’ manager, Malki Kawa, quickly came to his client’s defense. The MMA super agent claims every doctor they visited (roughly four) was recommended by the UFC. Each specialist suggested surgery, but “the very last one on the day before surgery thought against it.”

“Bones” was tentatively scheduled to go under the knife on Thursday, but has been against the operation from the jump.

“We went to meet with the surgeon on Wednesday and after he looked at [Jon] he thought that surgery was a bit invasive and Bones didn’t have to have [it] if he didn’t want to,” Kawa tweeted. “[He] decided against surgery, and we immediately met with [Dana White] and [Lorenzo Fertitta] the next day to get his next fight scheduled.”

In regards to “faking” an injury to avoid fighting Evans, Kawa suggested the former UFC light heavyweight champ check the Octagon’s IR list.

“And so we’re clear, [Jon] is not medically cleared to fight until June 11, But hey, I guess that’s all a lie huh?” Kawa wrote. “Bottom line, no one is ducking anyone. We are doing everything to get [Jon] healthy and back in training ASAP.”

Kawa is hoping Jones will be back in action by the last quarter of this year. Here’s what the champ had to say about his friend-turned-foe.

“Rashad go ahead and try to play me now, never have I seen a man so Jealous and Self Centered. I almost feel bad for you,” Jones tweeted. “Truly looking forward to getting back with the coaches so that We can begin preparing for you. It will be the most magnificent training champ yet #PROMISE.”

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