CSAC Won’t License Chael Sonnen Until May 2012 at Earliest

Written by Tom Ngo
May 19th, 2011

UFC Middleweight Chael Sonnen

When it rains, it pours, and right now Chael Sonnen desperately needs an umbrella. A day after upholding their indefinite suspension of Sonnen, the California State Athletic Commission explained the soonest the UFC’s controversial middleweight could reapply for his license is May of 2012.

Much has been made of the CSAC’s decision to prolong his ban because Sonnen technically fulfilled his UFC 117 drug suspension on March 2nd. However, the board was extremely concerned with the inconsistent statements he made during his trial in December where they initially cut his year-long suspension in half.

Sonnen’s guilty plea in a Federal money laundering case certainly didn’t help matters.

Although Cali won’t be showing Sonnen any love for at least 12 months, that doesn’t mean he can’t request licensing in other states or countries. However, the Nevada State Athletic Commission has backed their buddies to the west.

In addition, it wouldn’t make sense for other states to license Sonnen when two of the country’s most powerful commissions have made their feelings known.

While under oath, Sonnen claimed during Thursday’s hearing UFC president Dana White would end his career if he didn’t leave Downtown LA with the commission’s blessing. The world’s premier mixed martial arts show has yet to make a formal announcement.

Although he’s the most articulate trash talker the sport has ever known, and backed it up with a practically perfect performance against middleweight king Anderson Silva, the UFC now needs to determine whether the 34-year-old is more trouble than he’s worth.

The answer may be written all over the Octagon wall.

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