Anthony Johnson Accuses Ken Pavia of Stealing His Sponsorship Money

Written by Tom Ngo
May 20th, 2011

UFC fighter Anthony Johnson

UFC welterweight Anthony Johnson is under new management and he couldn’t be more pleased about it. The reason we know that is because “Rumble” just blasted his former manager Ken Pavia for allegedly stealing his hard-earned sponsorship dollars.

Johnson had been under Pavia’s watch for several years, but the talented 27-year-old recently left MMA Agents to sign with Glenn Robinson’s Authentic Sports Management. Pavia was sued by Zuffa, LLC in July 2010 for passing along Octagon trade secrets and confidential Zuffa documents to Bellator Fighting Championship, but that’s not why Johnson’s feathers are ruffled.

Here is the heated (unedited) conversation Johnson and Pavia had on Twitter late Thursday night:

Anthony Johnson:

Its crazy when a so called manager takes your sponsor money. Especially when you wanna write them a check and give them there cut but instead they decide to keep it all then lie about it saying that they haven’t received any money since march. I got proof they got the check and cashed it. Boy no wonder your in deep water with @ufc because you stole do#!@%*#ents etc from them.

Shout out 2 my new agent @glennauthentic you are doing big things bro. Love you man This is a stand up man right here. He isn’t the guy doing shady stuff.

@KenPavia tell ur girlfriend nick stop texting me. I already explain shit 2 u. So say what u want. This aint 4 yrs ago this is now.

Ken Pavia:

@ANTHONYRUMBLE your money has been in your account for days. You cant get mad because we wont loan you money.


@KenPavia days are you kidding me? U didn’t even put in what you were suppose to. Loan? Um if what is mine is a loan I guess you loaned bellator the @ufc do#!@%*#ents also.


@ANTHONYRUMBLE U owe the purse comm and admit that. We took out of the spoonors check. You want us to pay you so you can afford to pay us?

Because Twitter only allows 140 characters per post, Pavia was forced to hit up the Underground Forums to thoroughly plead his case:

“AJ is under contract with MMAagents. Like every fight for 4 yars plus his purse commission was deducted from sponors money and accounted for. He admits he owes this and hasnt paid so we sent the sponsor money minus this amount as we always do. A new agent is in his ear saying that is not how it should work. He wants us to pay him so he can afford to pay us. Go figure. And the balance was depositied into his account.”


@KenPavia go for it. Problem is when you try to stoop the only thing you’ll find is what the media thinks and from a one sided story. I’m not trippin on it. What you gonna do tell every1 like you told me @EpicSportsMMA and Julian did all that stuff wit the do#!@%*#ents? I don’t get #!@%*# hurt bout bs just don’t #!@%*# wit my money. I’m done talkin. I’m not who you need to worry bout. I’m not the 1 blacklisted from anything

I have a great agent now wit @glennauthentic He’s doing a perfect job man. The other guy is history he has way bigger fish to worry about compared to me. The ufc is no joke man

@KenPavia have a good nite dude enjoy your cases your fighting. I’m gonna sleep good no matter what


@ANTHONYRUMBLE not the dirrty laundry I was reffering to. I am above that.

@ANTHONYRUMBLE make you public deal. Pay the purse comm and we will redeposit it in your acct as it is the same amount as the sonsor money.

Although Johnson is officially listed on Authentic’s roster, Pavia claims their divorce is far from complete.

“That too is being addressed,” Pavia said of Johnson’s representation. “AJ says they represent him as well but we are getting paid as agreed.”

No updates have been released regarding Zuffa’s lawsuit against Pavia.

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