Penn Ready To Fight Florian After Being Called A “Liar”

Written by Tim Ngo
August 8th, 2009

Fresh off of an embarrassing loss to UFC welterweight king Georges St-Pierre at UFC 94, 155-pound champ BJ Penn desperately wants to get back in the Octagon to wipe the taste of defeat out of his mouth. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s defending his title against Kenny Florian, a guy who he feels called him a liar.

“The whole GSP fiasco and then Kenny going out and making me look like a liar was just – it was a double-whammy on me. It was like everything was just kind of building up on me and kind of irritating me a lot,” Penn said of his desires to smash Florian’s grill in.

According to Penn, Florian sent him a text message prior to his bout against GSP that basically confirmed Penn’s claims that the 170-pound champ had been greasing and was probably on steroids.

Florian vehemently denies that sort of text ever existed. He says the text was merely wishing Penn luck in his fight against St-Pierre through friend Dave Weintraub, who was with Penn at the time. As far as any trash talking, it was directed towards Roger Huerta, who Florian felt was too slippery in their fight at UFC 87.

Penn was clearly agitated that Florian still denies sending the text saying, “So the conversation was, ‘Tell BJ good luck. By the way, Roger Huerta is a greaser?'”

There won’t be too many times that you’ll see middleweight champion Anderson Silva play lead-in on any UFC show, but there’s a reason why these lightweights get big billing for today’s UFC 101 pay-per-view broadcast.

“I want to get in the ring and I want to (take care of) business. It’s time to fight!” Penn emphatically stated.

Penn hasn’t defended his strap since destroying Sean Sherk at UFC 84 in May of 2008. Damn right “it’s time to fight!”

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