New York Senate Passes Bill to Sanction MMA, Once Again in State Assembly’s Hands

Written by Tom Ngo
May 23rd, 2011

UFC and MMA in New York

Like Snoop Dogg once eloquently stated, “New York New York big city of dreams, and everything in New York ain’t always what it seems.” Although New York’s State Senate voted a resounding 42-18 to pass Bill 1707-A, the war to get the sport of mixed martial arts sanctioned in the state is far from over.

While Monday’s lopsided response was much more favorable than last year’s 32-26 vote, just like in June of 2010, the bill now gets passed along to the New York State Assembly for another imperative ballot. Apparently, nobody walked UFC president Dana White through the rules and regulations of getting MMA legalized in the country’s largest market.

“It passed 42 to 18!!!!! FINALLY!!! NY!!!!,” White tweeted.” Thank you all!!!!”

Last June when MMA was in this exact same position, the Big Apple proved to be an even bigger pain. The UFC’s hopes of displaying an Octagon inside the historic Madison Square Garden took a major hit when the Assembly stripped approval for MMA from their annual budget.

Although that was a significant setback, the UFC has continued to lead the way in helping MMA gain regulation throughout America. Only New York, Vermont and Connecticut remain unregulated, while Alaska and Wyoming lack the necessary regulatory bodies to oversee the sport.

Virginia just hopped on the bandwagon this past March.

No word on when the Assembly will gather for their pivotal vote. According to their official calendar, the clock is ticking because there are only 12 legislative sessions left before Q2 2011 ends.

Oh, New York. How we long for you…

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