Report: Roy Nelson Had Walking Pneumonia Prior to UFC 130 Loss to Frank Mir

Written by Tom Ngo
May 31st, 2011

Roy Nelson UFC

While most Americans were firing up their BBQ pits on Monday to celebrate Memorial Day, UFC heavyweight Roy Nelson was rushed to the emergency room to have his “gas tank” checked out.

“now the docs wants to put me on the juice (steroids), plus I have a new @TrainingMask @ufc @danawhite,” Nelson tweeted along with the picture above.

He followed up about an hour later from inside the Las Vegas, Nevada hospital with, “Gas tank is broke I have walking pneumonia, doc says he going to fix the roy 1.001.”

According to Jessy Nelson, Roy’s wife, the former IFL heavyweight champion had walking pneumonia during the first two weeks of this month. It appears Nelson may have never fully recovered, as he was experiencing a unique pain with his lungs yesterday.

“He described the feeling like someone is taking a big scab off of his lungs,” Jessy told Yahoo! Sports on Monday.

According to WebMD, walking pneumonia is a non-medical term to describe a mild case of pneumonia. Tiredness and mild flu-like symptoms, such as fever and chills, are typical indicators.

Although the infection can make one miserable, it’s known as the least scary kind of pneumonia. “In fact, you could have walking pneumonia and not even know it.” Or in Nelson’s case, continue fighting and not even know it.

The former “Ultimate Fighter 10” winner posted a disappointing unanimous decision loss to Frank Mir this past Saturday at UFC 130. “Big Country” came under heavy fire from company president Dana White after the post-fight press conference wrapped. White claimed Nelson looked “terrible” and was “borderline embarrassing” in the night’s co-main event.

MMA’s big boss said he was scheduled to meet with Nelson this Friday to discuss the 34-year-old’s future.

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