CBS Chairman Calls MMA “Socially Irresponsible”

Written by Tim Ngo
May 2nd, 2008

With less than a month before its debut on CBS, EliteXC was delivered some bad news as CBS Chairman Summer Redstone was critical of Les Moonves’ decision to air Mixed Martial Arts on its network saying, “it’s probably good for the bottom line but I don’t think it’s socially responsible”.

Redstone went on to say, “while I control both companies (CBS and Viacom), I don’t intrude. But maybe Les [Moonves] made a mistake.”

Some of you are probably thinking, ‘well the deal is already done, what the hell could Redstone do?’ You have to understand that this puts a ton of added pressure for EliteXC to land some ratings in their primetime slot.

If EliteXC fails to hold up their end of the deal, there’s no question that Moonves could be pressured to pull the plug on the final two events on the deal or move the show to another time-slot that’s more “suitable” to Redstone’s liking.

Redstone made his opinion of MMA clear when he said, “I don’t like the sport,” at a speech in Los Angeles.

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