Shane Carwin: “I Can’t Recall Much of the Fight”

Written by Tom Ngo
June 13th, 2011

UFC Heavyweight Champ Shane Carwin

Courtesy of the beatdown Junior dos Santos unleashed on Saturday night at UFC 131, Shane Carwin was forced to skip the post-fight press conference in favor of a trip to the emergency room. Since the former interim heavyweight champ was unavailable immediately after his second straight defeat, he updated the #CarwinArmy on his condition via his official blog.

“As the fight started, I just did not feel like myself,” Carwin posted Sunday night. “I wasn’t able to get my feet moving and Junior capitalized quickly. As he was pummeling me I kept trying to find a way to defend myself so [referee Herb Dean] would not stop the fight. Junior was landing solid shots and that is where probably he broke my nose.

“After the second round I knew I was in trouble. My nose made it impossible to breathe, my eyes were full of blood and Junior was still coming at me. When the ref stopped the fight in the third, I thought it was over.

“When the doctor came in the octagon I knew it was going to be up to me to sell them on letting me continue. I knew I was in deep trouble, but I also knew that all I needed was one clean shot. I wanted to keep myself in the fight. I wasn’t able to see, but I said I could and we continued.”

Immediately after dos Santos was awarded the lopsided unanimous decision victory, Carwin submitted his post-fight drug test and was rushed to the ER. He has since returned home to Colorado, where the 265-pounder has had the opportunity to look back on what took place in Vancouver, Canada.

“I have had a lot of time to reflect on the fight, and while I have not seen it and due to the damage I incurred, I can’t recall much of the fight. What I do know is this I am a guy learning how to fight at the elite level,” Carwin added. “My heart can’t be questioned, I think I showed that I have the cardio to fight at this level and I just need to work on my technique.

“I have to get my nose fixed and once the swelling goes down I need to have my cheek looked at as it may be broken.”

Since exploding onto the mixed martial arts scene with a perfect 12-0 record, with all of his victories ending in the opening round, Carwin has dropped back-to-back fights.

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