New York State Assembly Says No to Mixed Martial Arts … Again

Written by Tom Ngo
June 20th, 2011

UFC President Dana White

The Big Apple is once again proving to be a big pain for mixed martial arts enthusiasts. The UFC’s hopes of displaying an Octagon inside the historic Madison Square Garden took another major hit Monday when the bill to sanction MMA in the world’s largest media market was left off the New York Assembly’s agenda.

That committee’s final legislative session of 2011 takes place today and MMA was missing from the docket. It’s possible the Assembly could extend their meeting to intricately address pressing issues, such as taxes and rent control, but MMA is not expected to make that list, either.

Although New York’s State Senate voted a resounding 42-18 to pass Bill S.1707-A last month, crushing the 32-26 passing score it received in 2010, the powers that be are still not interested in endorsing the controversial sport – despite the substantial economic benefits that would go along with hosting a live event in the NYC.

UFC president Dana White (pictured) made a personal plea to the state of New York last week when he wrote an opinion piece for the NYDailyNews. The world’s premier MMA organization has been pushing for years to get into MSG since the sport’s banning back in the “human cockfighting” days.

Only New York, Vermont and Connecticut remain unregulated in the U.S., while Alaska and Wyoming lack the necessary regulatory bodies to oversee the sport.

This is the third straight time the bill has been denied, with the Assembly’s Ways and Means Committee shooting down MMA’s latest attempt.

Let the 2012 campaign begin!

Oh, New York. How we long for you…

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