Dana White: UFC is NOT a Monopoly

Written by Tom Ngo
June 21st, 2011

UFC President Dana White

Prior to the UFC’s purchase of Strikeforce this past March, most enthusiasts had already believed the UFC was monopolizing the sport of mixed martial arts. The watershed acquisition of their stateside rivals simply solidified their status as the only show in town.

Although the company has basically become synonymous with MMA over the past several years, UFC president Dana White denies controlling the entire market and claims there’s plenty to go around. So don’t hate on him or his organization just because they’re the cream of the crop.

“People always say ‘monopoly’. The people who say that don’t know enough about the sport,” White told USAToday. “If you go state to state and called the athletic commission in every state where we’re sanctioned and ask them how many MMA events were held there this year and how many times did the UFC come, the answer is going to be once or zero.

“We’re not a monopoly. We’re just the best. We do what we do the best.”

There is no denying the UFC is the planet’s premier mixed martial arts promotion. One of the benefits to donning that moniker is being able to pay their independent contractors whatever they feel is appropriate.

Like in any other successful business, employee salaries are based on contributions to the company and performance. Obviously, a receptionist won’t garner as much dough as the CEO.

Furthermore, the owners always pocket the largest amount of money because they have risked the most. That is simply Business 101. Now, Business 102 focuses on expansion and the benefits that come along with it.

“The bigger the sport gets, the more and more money these guys make,” White shared. “We don’t talk a lot about money, but believe me when I tell you there’s a lot of money. And these guys are making a lot of money. Guys have become big stars.

“You have the guys who make millions of dollars, you’ve got the guys who make hundreds of thousands of dollars, and you’ve got the guys who are working their way up.”

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