Penn Dominates Florian at UFC 101

Written by Tom Ngo
August 10th, 2009

Penn Dominates Florian – If we weren’t convinced before, we certainly are now. A motivated BJ Penn fighting in the lightweight division is simply untouchable.

Many thought that top contender Kenny Florian had all the tools to dethrone the champ, but Penn squashed all that nonsense with his dominating performance at UFC 101.

Although Florian fought valiantly, Penn simply outclassed him in every aspect of the MMA game. It was a long night for the Bostonian, who never seemed to find his rhythm against the champion.

Every time Florian tried for a takedown, the Hawaiian stuffed him. When he attempted to exchange, Penn was quicker to the punch. Once the fight finally got to the ground in the 4thRound, Penn reminded the mixed martial arts world that grappling is his domain as he caught Ken-Flo in a nasty rear-naked choke to end the scrap.

“When I woke up this morning, I thought, ‘I’ve been at this thing for nine years. What the hell am I doing with myself?’” Penn said. “And then I realized this is my dream since I was a kid to come here and perform for the fans. I love you guys.”

That’s all BJ would give us during his post-fight Octagon interview. As is customary after a Penn W, “Check out BJPenn.com if you want to hear more,” is what the champion treated his fans to.

Since returning to the lightweight division, Penn has finished all four of his opponents before the final horn, two of which were title defenses.

Stay at 155, BJ.

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