James Toney and Ken Shamrock Involved in Altercation During Press Conference (Video)

Written by Tom Ngo
June 26th, 2011

Boxing Legend UFC Heavyweight James Toney

The freak show fight that everyone is not-so-interested in seeing between James Toney and Ken Shamrock is in fact coming to fruition. Both camps hosted a press conference Saturday in Van Nuys, California to promote their upcoming bout.

“I’m gonna to get in his face, I’m gonna to put my gloves in his face and I’m gonna to rough him up, because he’s used to fighting nice, pretty boxing,” Shamrock shouted in the microphone. “I know how to fight dirty boxing … I promise you, I will not take him down. Not until I put my hands in your face and I put a beating on you and then I’ll take you down and then I’ll play with you.”

Just to prove the circus will indeed be rolling into town, their “super-fight” will come equipped with special mixed martial arts rules and regulations.

There will be a 30 second “shot clock” enforced once/if the bout hits the mat. If there isn’t significant action on the canvas after a half of a minute, the combatants will be stood back up. There was a report their contest would be conducted with eight 3-minute rounds. However, Toney told EastSideBoxing they will fight in “5-minute rounds and four-ounce gloves.”

It was not specified which arena would host the October 1st extravaganza. Although, El Paso, Texas is the early front-runner.

Furthermore, neither party clarified how fans would be able to witness their shootout. That’s because this melee broke out when Toney and Shamrock decided to give fight predictions:

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