Nate Marquardt FINALLY Breaks His Silence

Written by Tom Ngo
June 28th, 2011

UFC Middleweight Nate Marquardt

After three full days of deafening silence, Nate Marquardt finally broke the seal and addressed the public regarding his failed medicals for “UFC on Versus 4,” as well as his recent unemployment status.

Marquardt, along with manager Lex McMahon, was an in-studio guests on Tuesday’s edition of The MMA Hour and revealed he has been on hormone replacement therapy since August 2010. According to the 32-year-old, he was feeling sluggish, tired and moody and knew something was wrong.

He was subsequently diagnosed with low testosterone levels by his personal physician and began treatment immediately. However, that was only after he relayed his private medical information to the UFC.

Marquardt went on to beat Rousimar Palhares at “UFC Fight Night 22” in Texas a couple of months later without incident. The same when he lost to Yushin Okami at UFC 122, although that card took place in Germany where the UFC handled the medicals.

Although New Jersey’s governing body approved his exemption for testosterone replacement therapy for UFC 128 this past March, the commission said his doctor’s paperwork was incomplete. They allowed him to fight because he showed normal levels of testosterone in his system at the time.

However, after posting a unanimous decision win over Dan Miller, the NJSAC demanded he get off therapy for eight weeks and take three staggered blood tests to prove he in fact needed the controversial treatment.

After doing everything the board requested, the commission’s endocrinologist determined his hormone levels were indeed low and recommended he get back on treatment. Marquardt received that approval just three weeks ago.

The former middleweight top contender took that information back to his initial physician to resume treatment. His doctor then suggested a more aggressive remedy since game time was steadily approaching.

Marquardt was on the new regimen for two weeks before he was required to submit a test to ensure his testosterone levels were within range. Obviously, those results came back high and they immediately took him off the treatment since the fight was only seven days out.

The Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission continued to test Marquardt throughout fight week, but he continued to register well above normal. They gave him up until an hour before Saturday’s weigh-ins to come within range, but he wasn’t able to answer the bell and was replaced by Charlie Brenneman.

Although McMahon claimed they were “very close” to hitting the magic number prior to tipping the scales, they would not divulge the exact levels Marquardt was at prior to getting pulled.

The PSAC issued an indefinite suspension, while UFC president Dana White wasted no time in firing Marquardt.

According to Team Marquardt, now that his testosterone levels are regular once again, his temporary ban should be lifted later this week.

FYI – They said Marquardt’s testosterone levels were within range on Sunday morning, just hours before he was to take center stage.

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