Team Nate Marquardt Discovered UFC Firing via Twitter

Written by Tom Ngo
June 28th, 2011

UFC President Dana White

“How could you let this happen?” Those were the only words Nate Marquardt can remember UFC president Dana White uttering after the newly-turned welterweight was disqualified from this past Sunday’s fight in Pittsburgh.

White didn’t have much time to say anything else, as he then took the stage to host the “UFC on Versus 4” weigh-ins. After all of the card’s fighters tipped the scales – less Marquardt, of course –  MMA’s big boss man posted a video clip on his Twitter account stating Maquardt’s Octagon days were officially over.

That’s how White’s 1.5 million followers found out the 32-year-old had been fired, but how did you discover you were headed for the unemployment line, Nate?

“Lex [McMahon] came into my room, basically,” Marquardt said on The MMA Hour of his manger delivering the news. “It was something I had expected.”

It’s a good thing McMahon is one of White’s followers on the social network. Otherwise, who knows when they would have found out “Nate the Great” was issued his walking papers.

“The key is, the UFC were incredibly professional in dealing with us throughout the process,” McMahon shared. “We went back and forth, we were very candid with one another. When it came to finding out about Nate’s termination from the company, that was something we found out via Twitter [like the rest of the world].

“And that was difficult. And when I became apprised of that, it was one of the more difficult things I have ever done in both my professional and personal life is to have to go talk to Nate, who I knew had communicated everything. He had done everything he was supposed to do and he go caught in a very difficult circumstance, and while he certainly has responsibility, which he has accepted, it was still very tough to have to tell him that.”

While most independent contractors would be upset over getting canned, McMahon said his client is grieving over the trouble he has caused the company.

“It’s an unfortunately situation, but I don’t think Nate, if you were to ask him, has a negative feeling towards Dana or the UFC,” McMahon added. “He’s remorseful that he put Dana in that position to have to make a decision.”

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