Rashad Evans Offers to Train Quinton “Rampage” Jackson for Jon Jones?

Written by Tom Ngo
June 29th, 2011

UFC light heavyweight Rashad Evans

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. That might not exactly be the case between rivals Rashad Evans and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson, but it appears “Suga” has grown sweet on the idea of Jackson reclaiming the light heavyweight throne. It certainly makes it easier for Evans to root for Rampage considering his most recent nemesis, Jon Jones, is donning Octagon gold.

Evans and Jackson recently rekindled their feud on Twitter. Between bad breath disses and accusations of hosting boring fights, it appeared as though Evans offered to help Rampage prepare for his upcoming title bout with Jones.

Here’s a summary of their conversation on the blue-birded social network:

Evans starts things off with a random tweet: #truelife twitter confessions: y’all can’t hold this against me but I was in special ed 4 two yrs! It was embarrassing but fun! Lol

Rampage – @SugaRashadEvans I knew something was wrong wit u bra,I could tell by the way u dress! U should get a short bus and pimp it out dog 4real!

A fan posts a message directed to Evans and Rampage – @Rampage4real and @SugaRashadEvans are calling eachother retards. So far Rashad is winning but got a lil personal.

Evans – @RunkRussell @Rampage4real know I love him like a play cousin that I want 2 fight on sight! I’m gonna help him train 2 beat Jones!

Rampage – @SugaRashadEvans hahaha I’m not dumb enough 2 train wit u,I still owe u an ass whooping,so I hope u win your next fight. No rust this time

Evans – @Rampage4real indeed u do owe me but don’t hold your breath..#insertbreathjoke..Lol Alright u can use my coaches I won’t b there 2 beat u up

Rampage – @SugaRashadEvans , I hope u don’t train like u fight #insertdeeznutsnyomouth,thanks 4 da offer,but u r still on my hit list brah

Evans – @Rampage4real U got no room 2 talk about my fights your last 2 were extremely boring! U living off the fumes from your Pride days!

Rampage – @SugaRashadEvans haha funny,yall scared 2 fight n the @ufc,I come 2 fight not game plan! Plus I beat the guy that taught u da #stankyleg!!

Evans – @Rampage4real fighting u equals easy payday 4 me! Frankenstein got better footwork than u & your hands r trash! Govern yourself accordingly!

Rampage – @SugaRashadEvans hahahaha ok dude,train hard so u can win,& ill do da same,so we can do #2 and let’s c if u stay so cocky,I’m gonna end u!

Rampage is scheduled to face Jones at UFC 135, while Evans headlines UFC 133 opposite Phil Davis.

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