Dana White Issues a Stern Warning to Spike TV

Written by Tom Ngo
July 1st, 2011

UFC President Dana White

This past Sunday when the UFC was hosting their fourth live show on Versus, Spike TV counter-programmed with a replay of “UFC Fight Night 22.” Oddly, Spike’s re-run garnered more viewers than the live action featured on the UFC’s other freebie network.

It was the first time Spike initiated some Octagon vs. Octagon competition, and the tactic didn’t go unnoticed by UFC president Dana White.

“Negotiating is never fun,” White said after Thursday’s UFC 132 pre-fight press conference. “Even though you’re negotiating in good faith and stuff, you still get some kicks to the balls here and there.

“Plus, the Wall Street Journal came out and said all the things they said about our negotiations, so I see Spike’s side. That’s what I would do, too. And you guys know I would do that.

“I would do the same thing that they just did … I owe you one, Spike.”

It’s been well publicized the UFC’s contract with Spike TV will expire at the end of this year. It also hasn’t been a secret Octagon brass have been shopping their product to countless other outlets, with the WSJ’s report they were in talks to purchase NBCUniversal’s struggling G4 Network serving as the ultimate trump card.

“What the Wall Street Journal put out and what people are saying, none of that is true,” White expressed. “People are out there speculating on what is going on. We have no deal with anybody.

“We are talking to everybody.”

Spike TV has been the home of free Octagon action since 2005. It’s been rumored they are going after Bellator just in case the UFC jumps ship.

I wonder if ‘I owe you one, Spike’ means PEACE OUT?

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