Diego Sanchez Takes Video Gaming to a Whole New Level

Written by Tom Ngo
July 7th, 2011

UFC Welterweight Diego Sanchez

Unless you’re a professional fighter, nobody can completely comprehend what it takes to prepare one’s mind for battle. In addition to executing perfect Yes! cartwheels and meditating, UFC welterweight Diego Sanchez also incorporates video games into his training regimen.

While Sanchez is an admitted button masher, the 29-year-old is actually getting something out of gaming besides a pair of sore thumbs.

“When the first [“UFC Undisputed” game] came out, I never even dreamed being in such a realistic game,” Sanchez told ESPN. “The game is so realistic looking that I do my late night training by getting on my PlayStation 3 and fighting my opponent 20 times in the game. That way I’m able to see myself knocking him out over and over again.

“It’s a visualization tool for me where you’re seeing it, you’re feeling it and you can already have that knockout in your mind. As long as you go in and do the work and train, when you get in and fight, you’ve already seen what can happen. So it’s more realistic that it will happen.”

Sanchez holds a 23-4 professional MMA record. Coincidentally, “Dream’s” winning percentage is right around the 85 percent arena in the virtual world, as well. However, he could be undefeated there if he really wanted to be.

“I usually win at least 17 out of 20,” Sanchez said of his gaming prowess. “I win most of them, but sometimes I get my butt kicked because I’m tired, so I just turn it off.

“That’s the great thing about the game. If I’m losing, there’s always the power switch and I can start over and I never feel any pain.”

Sanchez meets Matt Hughes at UFC 135 in September. Looks like it’s almost time to load up the PS3!

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