UFC “NOT INTERESTED” in Arranging BJ Penn vs. Jon Fitch Rematch

Written by Tom Ngo
July 11th, 2011

Their original tango at UFC 127 in February was supposed to determine the division’s top contender. Unfortunately for the welterweight class, 15 minutes weren’t enough to determine who got next dibs at champion Georges St-Pierre’s crown.

‘Penn vs. Fitch II’ was immediately rescheduled for UFC 132 after their controversial draw was rendered, but each 170-pounder subsequently suffered injuries that postponed their mulligan.

Their rematch had been rumored to go down later this year, with October emerging as the front-runner to host the scrap. Well, it appears UFC matchmaker Joe Silva has erased Part II from the Octagon’s immediate agenda due to lack of interest.

Here is the Twitter conversation Penn and Fitch engaged in over the weekend, with the Hawaiian posting his last comment just moments ago:

Penn: @jonfitchdotnet Please stop flooding my twitter with this monkey business. @danawhite

Fitch: Ill be good in oct. lets settle it.

Penn: @jonfitchdotnet @danawhite October is perfect. I’m in

Dana White: 🙂

Penn: @jonfitchdotnet still waiting for your reply about October… or was that just a publicity stunt?

Fitch: Its on.

Penn: @jonfitchdotnet Nice!!! (:

Penn: @jonfitchdotnet tried to make it happen but Joe Silva said “the fans don’t want it & I’m not interested“. Not much more I can do on my end

I have no idea how these sophisticated fight negotiations ever took place prior to the advent of Twitter…

Nonetheless, the welterweight division waits for no men. GSP has since been assigned to face former Strikeforce champ Nick Diaz at UFC 137.

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