Dana White Still Hasn’t Heard From Lyoto Machida

Written by Tom Ngo
July 14th, 2011

UFC Light Heavyweight Lyoto Machida

After Lyoto Machida put Rashad Evans to sleep at UFC 98 en route to capturing the light heavyweight crown, UFC color commentator Joe Rogan suggested MMA was set to embark on ‘The Machida Era.’ Fast forward beyond the last the last 72 hours and “The Dragon” has now officially entered Dana White’s doghouse.

“This guy was telling me all he wants to do is get back in there and fight as soon as possible. Well, he had his opportunity,” White stated during Thursday’s conference call.

After initially agreeing to serve as a last-minute replacement for injured Phil Davis at UFC 133, White claims Machida’s camp demanded “Anderson Silva money” when they called back to confirm the pivotal August 6th contest. Needless to say, White was none too pleased with the shrewd move.

“I’ve been in this business a long time, and people lose their minds sometimes. People get crazy,” a baffled White shared. “Maybe Machida’s camp did that and he didn’t even know?

“I don’t know. I guarantee you he knows what they did it now.”

As the 45-minute call continued, it appeared as though White started piecing the Brazilian puzzle together. When asked if Lyoto or his team had reached out in an attempt to clear the air, or even maneuver their way back into the fight with Evans after Tito Ortiz agreed to play substitute, White claimed his bat phone has been dead silent.

“Nope, not a word. I still haven’t heard from them,” White emphatically stated. “This thing hit yesterday, I guarantee you they know about it now and I still haven’t heard a word from them.

“So, that goes to show you that [Lyoto] did know and [Lyoto] did say, ‘Yeah, tell them I want Anderson Silva money.’”

Machida was last seen retiring Hall of Famer Randy Couture at UFC 129 in April. No word when White intends to allow the former light heavyweight champ back into his Octagon.

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