Lyoto Machida: “All Stories Have Two Sides”

Written by Tom Ngo
July 14th, 2011

UFC light heavyweight Lyoto Machida

A day after UFC president Dana White claimed Lyoto Machida accepted a last-minute fight with Rashad Evans, only to later demand “Anderson Silva money,” the former light heavyweight champ decided to break his silence and reveal his perspective of the drama. Oddly, his tale didn’t deviate too far from what White recollected, but it did contain additional information.

“All stories have two sides,” Machida tweeted Thursday.

Because Twitter only allows a maximum of 140 characters per post, the Brazilian opted to execute a more efficient route in sharing his understanding of the situation.

“My manager, [Jorge ‘Joinha‘ Guimaraes], called me and I said at first that I was excited to be in the lineup, but after meeting with my team we saw that it wouldn’t be a good idea – especially because Dana White wanted me to travel to the U.S. immediately to have my training camp there,” Machida told Sherdog. “Many of the members of my corner don’t have visas right now. Then I said, ‘If you want me to fight, pay me as a champion. Pay me like you pay Anderson Silva.’

“It’s not like I can’t train in Belem, but ‘pack your stuff and go to the U.S.,’ that takes money and time. It’s a professional relationship. Everything is business and people need to split things.”

White claimed during today’s conference call that he wouldn’t hold Team Machida’s shrewd business tactics against them. MMA’s ultimate shot caller has been known to hold grudges, but “The Dragon” hopes White will be able to put the drama behind them.

“I hope the UFC won’t harm me. It’s gotta be 100-percent with me and them. I want to respect the promotion, my fans and myself,” Machida expressed. “That was my main cause for turning down that fight. I can’t put my career at risk with a bad showing.

“I think I’d have more to lose than to win in that fight. I have a name in the company. I don’t fight without being prepared, even when I lose. I can’t step in and take the chance of having a bad fight. Today, you have to be extremely prepared.”

Machida was last seen posterizing Randy Couture with a Steven Seagal-inspired strike at UFC 129 in April. No word when White intends to allow the 33-year-old to resume his illustrious career.

Wednesday night, Tito Ortiz agreed to replace injured Phil Davis and headline UFC 133 opposite Evans.

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