Dream Partnership

Written by Tom Ngo
May 10th, 2008

Officials from ProElite and Dream held a joint press conference Saturday to announce that the two organizations have formally agreed to a partnership. The new arrangement will provide both promotions with great flexibility as they will host co-promotions in Japan and the US, as well as sharing fighters and referees.

“In the last year ProElite and EliteXC and other brands have made a lot of progress, and some of our progress is due in part to our relationship with FEG and now with Dream,” stated ProElite’s Executive William Kelly. “We are sharing fighters. We are sharing referees. We intend to do co-promotions with Dream both in Japan and in the U.S.”

Dream.3 will be taking place Sunday in Japan, which has two EliteXC fighters slated to compete, in Eddie Alvarez and Nick Diaz. Diaz is also fighting on EliteXC’s June 14th card in Hawaii, where he will be facing Mushin Corberry.

There was a lot of red tape involved in Diaz’s participation on Dream.3, as he had been removed a couple of times, but it was made official a couple days ago that he would indeed be fighting.  There was worry from EliteXC’s side of Diaz getting injured and not being able to compete in Hawaii.

Having Diaz fight on both events makes complete since now. Japanese fans are already fimiliar with Diaz from his Pride days, as well as when he beat Top Ranked Japanese Lightweight Takanori Gomi (Diaz’s victory was later ruled a No Contest due to his subsequent positive Marijuana test). 

Along with Diaz, ProElite has many other marketable fighters under their umbrella, namely; Robbie Lawler, Jason Miller, Jake Shields, and Kimbo Slice.

Pro Elite and Dream’s partnership has now taken over as the biggest threat to MMA Powerhouse, the UFC. The UFC, which has monopolized the US MMA market since the beginning, isn’t scared by any means. Nor should they be. However, they are at least paying attention because this move is significant.

One of the complaints fighters have about the UFC is the exclusivity that they require all of their fighters to sign to. Many fighters have left the organization or declined contract offers because of this restriction, making Dream and ProElite’s arrangement quite enticing.  

Photo courtesy of MMAWeekly.com

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