Dana White: I Wanted to “Bounce Some Stuff Off” WWE’s Vince McMahon

Written by Tom Ngo
July 22nd, 2011

UFC Dana White

UFC president Dana White recently sent fanboys into a frenzy when he revealed he had an impromptu meeting with World Wrestling Entertainment CEO Vince McMahon. While on his east coast promotional tour, White stopped by the WWE’s headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut to reconnect with one of this generation’s most unique minds.

“I like Vince McMahon,” White told MMAFighting. “The last time we had met was two years ago, we had breakfast in Vegas.

“I just wanted to bounce some stuff off of him. I wanted to talk to him, so I called him up and asked him what he was doing and if I could swing by and he said, ‘Yeah’.

Although White was willing to share his thoughts on the WWE’s exquisite corporate facility, he decided to keep their top secret conversation close to the vest.

“We talked about a lot of stuff,” White vaguely shared. “We shot the [expletive] about business and other things – what they’re doing, what we’re doing and stuff like that.

“That’s it.”

What? No updates on CM Punk’s contract situation???

Thanks for nothing, Dana…

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