Frank Shamrock Challenges Dana White to a Fight, Mike Swick Caught in the Middle

Written by Tom Ngo
July 23rd, 2011

UFC President Dana White

While most of the mixed martial arts world thought “Strikeforce Challengers 17” was the only fight going on Friday night, Frank Shamrock tried to steal the Twitter spotlight by challenging UFC president Dana White to a scrap on the social media network.

What started off as a simple fanboy question quickly turned into a heated exchange between the MMA icons, and somehow UFC welterweight Mike Swick got lodged in the middle of their spat.

Here’s the hot and heavy action from last night:

Fan question to Shamrock: One fight. One name that could bring you out of retirement. Who would it be?

Shamrock: = @danawhite

White: @frankshamrock after seeing the beatins frank has got in his last few fights I don’t blame him for wanting to fight me!!!!

plus he’s had those goofy braces on for like 7 years now and wouldn’t want to [expletive] that grill up.

Shamrock: anytime, anyplace.

White: swick has been beggin me to put a beatin on u. He thinks its a joke u do anti bully [expletive], says he never met bigr bully then u

Shamrock: real men fight their own battles. I watched you beat up a girl and celebrate. Swick knows the truth and so do I. Anytime bro.

White: u are such a [expletive] weirdo! Lol, if you are feeling all macho again after ur last man sized beatins swick is ready!

White to Swick: I think @frankshamrock is ready for the beatin you want to give him for being a punk bully with guys who can’t fight.

Swick: Woa Twitter! lol @FrankShamrock I dont know anything about the truth u know that I know. “Anytime bro” to me? @DanaWhite am I fightin Frank?

Swick hasn’t been seen since getting submitted by Paulo Thiago at UFC 109 back in February 2010. It was his second consecutive loss. The 32-year-old is scheduled to face Octagon rookie Erick Silva on August 27th at UFC 134.

Shamrock retired in June 2010 with an impressive 23-10-2 resume, but lost three of his last four contests. His last two defeats came in TKO fashion, with his most recent loss coming against Nick Diaz in April 2009.

Although Shamrock is one of the most decorated light heavyweight champions in company history, his beef with White has kept him out of the UFC Hall of Fame.

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