Dana White: “We’re Watching [Bobby Lashley]”

Written by Tim Ngo
August 14th, 2009

Former WWE superstar Bobby Lashley is officially on the UFC’s radar after Dana White confirmed the promotion was keeping a keen eye on the heavyweight. Although current heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar took a much shorter route to the top of the MMA world, Lashley isn’t as far behind as many would think.

“People have been asking me about him,” said White. “Yes, we’re watching him.”

Both Lesnar and Lashley’s road to fame started with the WWE, but both wanted to fight. REALLY fight.

The comparisons for the two are always going to be there because of where they came from, but that’s where all those comparisons should stop. Lashley isn’t trying to follow the blueprint that Lesnar has set.

Lesnar fought in the UFC in his second-ever MMA bout. A rarity indeed, especially in the eyes of White who is always very particular with who enters his Octagon.

Lashley has won his first four fights with a fifth set for October against former UFC veteran, Ron Waterman.

Although Lashley does have his eyes on fighting for a big MMA promotion, his plans are still the same as when he entered the world of MMA. He wants to build himself up first as a legitimate fighter before stepping up to the big time.

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