Michael Bisping Unleashes Twitter Tirade Regarding Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Written by Tom Ngo
August 4th, 2011

UFC Middleweight Michael Bisping

It appears you can officially add UFC middleweight Michael Bisping to the growing list of people who believe Testosterone Replacement Therapy is a bunch of bullocks. The Brit took to his Twitter Thursday morning and unleashed a tirade for the ages regarding the controversial treatment.

Here is what Bisping posted earlier today (The only things we edited were certain magic words):

“fighters on TRT are [f*****g] cheats. Low testosterone levels my ass! If you have, thats cos you were juicing in the past, cheating bastards!!

“sick of hearin about fighters doing testosterone replacement therapy, no I dont know it, but fighters I wud say are alpha males with high levels of testosterone, its just a clever way of cheating. Everyday there seems to be a new story of a fighter on it. [BS]!

“steroid use reduces your natural levels of testosterone, so if fighters need TRT, its because there ass was like a pin cushion in the past!”

UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen brought the treatment to the forefront of MMA when he was busted for having elevated levels of testosterone after his UFC 117 loss to champion Anderson Silva. At the time, Bisping spoke out in support of Sonnen because he was not only dealing with the California State Athletic Commission regarding his failed test, but he was also entrenched in a Federal money laundering case.

However, today Bisping revealed the only reason he pulled for his fellow fighter was because the combination of the two situations put Sonnen’s UFC career in serious jeopardy.

“felt sorry for him cos he was told he would never be allowed to fight again, which would of sucked,” Bisping said of Sonnen.

When asked if his statements regarding TRT and the “cheats” that are medically prescribed the treatment applied to reigning Strikeforce light heavyweight champ Dan Henderson, who just happened to posterize Bisping in his final fight for the UFC in July 2009, “The Count” opted to provide a vague answer concerning Hendo’s case.

“just including any lying bastard thats on it really,” he said of the 40-year-old Henderson.

Bisping’s rant did not include anything involving former UFC star Nate Marquardt’s situation.

Bisping is currently coaching opposite Jason Miller on the 14th season of “The Ultimate Fighter.” The 185-pounders will duke it out on “The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale” on December 3rd.

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