Ben Henderson Makes Desperate Plea Following Dominant Victory

Written by Tom Ngo
August 15th, 2011

WEC Lightweight Champ Ben Henderson

Just days before unleashing the most impressive performance of his career, lightweight Ben Henderson teased the mixed martial arts world by claiming he had prepared a post-fight celebratory speech for the ages.

“I do have something special planned for when I win,” Henderson professed during last Wednesday’s media workouts. “It’s going to be ala GSP a little bit, but with a slight twist to it.

“You guys will have to watch out for that. With a different accent, but I’ve got something in store.”

Prior to becoming the UFC welterweight king, Georges St-Pierre unforgettably got on his knees and begged upper management for an opportunity at the title after posting a win.

The typically humble Henderson caught most fans off guard with his presumption that he would serve up an upset special over Jim Miller, who most believed would have earned a shot at the 155-pound crown by collecting his eighth consecutive victory. However, after backing up his predication with a resounding unanimous decision W, Henderson used the ultimate ’Look at me’ moment to help get his little-known training partners into the big leagues.

“I got one thing [to say], kinda ala St-Pierre, please bare with me. I’m sorry guys,” Henderson politely stated. “I gotta get on my knees. I wanna say, [UFC president] Dana White, [UFC matchmaker] Joe Silva, I’ve got some hungry, hungry, young cats at my gym.

“Chris Gruetzemacher, Yaotzin Meza, Victor Meza, they wanna get on the big show. They want the spotlight, too. So I’m not asking for myself, but for my teammates. Come put them on, they’re ready for it.”

Henderson runs The MMA Lab in Glendale, Arizona. If they are the ones responsible for the beast that emerged Sunday night inside the Bradley Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, perhaps his buddies should get a look.

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