UFC 84: Ill Will Results

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
May 24th, 2008

UFC 84 had three main event calibur fights and one Lightweight title fight. Tito Ortiz was looking to end his UFC career on a high note against undefeated Light Heavyweight Lyoto Machida, meanwhile former PRIDE champion Wanderlei Silva tried to end a three-fight losing streak against the streaking Keith Jardine. And in the main event, BJ Penn defended his Lightweight title against Sean Sherk.

Preliminary Bouts:

Shane Carwin def. Christian Wellisch by TKO (strikes) at :44 in the 1stRound

Dong-Hyun Kim def. Jason Tan by TKO (strikes) at :25 in the 3rdRound

Yoshiyuki Yoshida def. Jon Koppenhaver by Submission (front choke) at :56 in the 1stRound

Rich Clementi def. Terry Etim by unanimous decision

Round 1–Etim was outstriking Clementi.  Clementi had a takedown, but fight was stood up.

Round 2–Clementi was taken down early, but the fighters were stood up again.  Etim tried two guillotine attempts, but Clementi got out of them.  Clementi ended the 2nd round on top and controlled Etim.

Round 3–Clementi got a takedown to start the round and is starting to ground and pound with elbows.  There wasn’t much damage inflicted either way and fans are starting to boo.  Fight was stood up as Clementi looks tired and eats another high kick and knee, but Clementi shoots in for another takedown.

Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou def. Kazuhiro Nakamura as the fight was called (Nakamura could not continue due to injury — knee)

Round 1 — Sokoudjou looks aggressive on his feet but Nakamura is willing to engage.  Sokoudjou lands a series of leg kicks.  Nakamura lands a flying left knee that didn’t inflict any damage.  Sokoudjou looks more comfortable tonight as opposed to how he looked in UFC 79 against Machida.  Nakamura is trying to do something on his feet, but Sokoudjou’s striking is too good.  Sokoudjou almost ended the fight, but Nakamura survived.  As Nakamura fell from a punch, he twisted his knee and limped to his corner.  The fight is called.  Sokoudjou wins!
 Rousimar Palhares def. Ivan Salaverry by Submission in the 1stRound (armbar)

Round 1 –Salaverry starts with a left high kick, but Palhares takes him down into side control, then mount.  Palhares takes his back and tries a rear naked choke.  Salaverry escapes, but Palhares gets an armbar tapout.
Yoshiyuki Yoshida vs. Jon Koppenhaver

Main Bouts:

Goran Reljic def. Wilson Gouveia by TKO (punches) in the 2ndRound

Round 1 — Gouveia comes out and throws a couple of leg kicks.  Reljic connects on a right hand, but doesn’t do any damage.  Reljic connects on a leg kick and a couple of head kicks.  They’re blocked by Gouveia’s arms, but they still have impact.  Both connect on punches, but both are fine.  Gouveia lands an uppercut and it appears to daze Reljic.  Gouveia tries to follow up, but Reljic pulls him down into his guard.  That’s how the round ends.

Round 2 — Reljic lands a leg kick.  Gouveia lands a body shot, followed by a punch that forces Reljic to pull him down in his guard again.  Gouveia postured up and landed a few punches.  Reljic is trying to just hold Gouveia in his guard.  Reljic eats a right hand as he gets back to his feet.  Reljic lands a left that rocks Gouveia.  Reljic is landing some wicked shots as Gouveia tries to recover.  After eating multiple shots, Herb Dean calls the fight as Gouveia stopped intelligently defending himself.

Thiago Silva def. Antonio Mendes by TKO (strikes) in the 1stRound

Round 1 — Mendes lands a powerful head kick that stuns Silva.  Mendes then connects with a knee.  Mendes continues to attack as Silva holds on and tries to recover.  Silva ends up on top after a scramble and has a mount and begins to ground and pound.  Mendes takes some powerful blows and does not intellgently defend himself.  Herb Dean calls the fight.

Lyoto Machida def. Tito Ortiz by Unanimous Decision (30-27)

Round 1 — Both fighters come out feeling each other out in the center of the octagon.  Machida connects on a couple of leg kicks, but doesn’t do any major damage.  Machida rebuffs Tito’s first two takedown attempts.  Tito moved in a couple of times with jabs, but doesn’t connect.  Tito tries to clinch and land a couple of knees, but is unsuccessful.  Machida almost lands a left head kick.  Tito can’t hold onto Machida to take him down.  Machida is keeping Tito at a distance with his kicks.  Machida takes Tito down into side control and that’s where the round ends!

Round 2 — Starts much like Round 1 did, with Machida throwing leg kicks, landing a couple.  Tito tries for a takedown, Machida shrugs it off and connects on a body kick with a couple of jabs.  Tito moves in, but Machida does a good job at avoiding Tito’s punches.  Machida lands a high head kick.  Tito looks like he’s struggling to figure out how to attach Machida.  Tito lands a right hand, but doesn’t do major damage.  Tito shoots and grabs a leg, but Machida sprawls successfully.  Tito pulls Machida into his guard.  Machida stands up and the fight continues standing up.  Machida lands a mini-flying knee towards the end of the round.  The round ends with Tito frustrated at Machida for not engaging.  Both fighters land some parting shots as the round ends.  Tito has a little cut above his right eye.

Round 3 — Tito clinches, lands some punches and knees to the body.  Machida shrugs him off.  Tito tries for a head kick, but is blocked.  Tito gets a clinch and they both start to dirty box.  But, Tito’s still having issues taking Machida down.   They both clinch against the ring.  Tito throws some knees to the quads, trying to soften him up.  Machida lands a flying knee to the body that doubles Tito over to the ground.  Machida tries to finish him, but Tito pulls guard.  Machida’s active on top and Tito out of nowhere almost pulls off a Triangle and an armbar that Machida miraculously pulls out of.  That’s how the fight ends.

Wanderlei Silva def. Keith Jardine by TKO (strikes) in the 1stRound

Round 1 — After an intense staredown, the round starts with both fighters swinging.  Silva lands a wicked right that rocks Jardine.  Jardine is on his back as Silva lands punch after punch, forcing referee Steve Mazzagatti to call the fight.  Jardine is still on the ground after the vicious beating he took at the hands of the Axe Murderer.

BJ Penn def. Sean Sherk by TKO in the 3rdRound as Sean Sherk could not continue

Round 1 — Sherk comes out and goes for a takedown.  BJ escapes.  Both start throwing punches, but none landing that are doing any damage.  Sherk lands a right, but BJ comes back landing a couple of jabs.  BJ’s doing a good job using his jab to keep Sherk at a distance.  After exchanging missed punches, BJ lands a hard right, followed by a jab.  Sherk lands a couple of leg kicks.  To the advantage of Penn, the first round of this fight stays standing as Sherk’s only takedown attempt was rebuffed.  Close round, but it looked like Penn landed more clean shots.

Round 2 — BJ lands a body shot, but Sherk lands a flurry of punches as they clinch.  Both punchers seem lightning quick.  BJ’s consistently landing left jabs, working on an opened cut Sherk has under his right eye that BJ gave him last round.  Sherk is throwing more punches, but not landing at the same rate as BJ is.  Sherk is bloodied up under both eyes.  BJ threw his first leg kick that lands flush.  Sherk grabs a leg, but BJ turns him away.  He’s still unable to take BJ down.  BJ ends the round by landing a right.

Round 3 — Sherk lands a couple of jabs to start the round.  BJ answers back with some jabs of his own.  BJ goes for a takedown, but is unsuccessful.  So the fight stays standing.  BJ lands some punches, Sherk lands some as well, but Sherk’s percentage landed is still lower than BJ’s.  They don’t look to be doing much damage as BJ’s face shows little wear, whereas Sherk’s face is bloodied and bruised.  Sherk’s throwing more leg kicks this round, but most of them are being blocked by BJ.  At the end of the round, BJ connects with a right that rocks Sherk back.  BJ follows that with a flying knee that lands flush and puts Sherk on his back.  BJ pounces on the injured Sherk and Mario Yamasaki calls the fight right before the bell sounds.

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