Tito Ortiz Uninvited to UFC 84 Post-Fight Press Conference, Shows Up Anyways

Written by Tim Ngo
May 25th, 2008

As a going away present to UFC President Dana White, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion and company poster-boy, Tito Ortiz, showed up at the UFC 84 Post-Fight Press Conference, uninvited. According to Yahoo! Sports, UFC PR Director Jennifer Wenk had asked Ortiz to leave and not cause a scene, but girlfriend Jenna Jameson told him to stay, and Ortiz did.

Four Las Vegas police officers were then brought to the press conference when the people over at the UFC decided to let him stay because of the attention that he was getting from the media.

Ortiz made a bold statement right from the get-go as he told the media, “the fighters are treated like slaves.”

At that point, UFC President Dana White and Ortiz started to get into a back-and-forth argument with White saying, “you want to be a superstar, they want to be fighters.” Ortiz responded by saying, “you want to be a superstar.”

After his unanimous decision loss to Lyoto Machida at UFC 84, Ortiz told Joe Rogan during a post-fight interview that he hasn’t decided on where he was going as of this time and that he was going to take a couple of weeks off. Ortiz did mention that he was looking for “green pastures.”

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