Sean Sherk's Failed Game Plan

Written by Tim Ngo
May 26th, 2008

BJ Penn is one of the most talented fighters in MMA, with that said though the most talented fighter doesn’t always win. It comes down to strategy and having a few things go right for you, especially in a title fight. For some odd reason, Sean Sherk decided to stand and trade with Penn during their title fight at UFC 84:Ill Will on Saturday night. “I wanted to establish a striking game before I started trying to take the fight to the ground,” Sherk said after the fight.

Sherk is known as a wrestling machine in the MMA world, but the only takedown attempt he had was :30 seconds into the fight. He was never able to get close enough to concern Penn with anything other than his punches, which always came up inches short.

Penn’s reach advantage and better striking ability was apparent from our seats (which were only 6 rows back). It looked like Penn was playing a boxing video game, as his jabs landed at will.

When asked about his game plan coming into the fight Sherk said, “It was going to be a competitive fight. I knew I had to come out here and show something different.”

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