What’s Next for Wanderlei Silva?

Written by Tim Ngo
May 26th, 2008

Wanderlei Silva said going into the fight that he wanted to make quick work of a streaking Keith Jardine, but he didn’t expect it to be that quick as he told the media afterwards, “it’s a great surprise because he’s a very tough guy, but a fight’s a fight. Going to the next, I think it was a very good match. I’m very happy because I give a good victory.”

Before his fight with Jardine at UFC 84, Silva talked about possibly jumping down to the Middleweight division. After the fight, Silva’s future was clarified by both himself and UFC President Dana White.

First Silva explained, “the boss he have a decision, see if he want me to go down, I (go) down. For me, no problem. I fight 185 and 205.”

White made it clear though that there isn’t much for Silva at Middleweight saying, “I think at 185 pounds, it would be one of those things where Wanderlei came to me and said that ‘these guys are huge at 205 I’d like to move to 185’. I wouldn’t say no to somebody about that, but there’s one interesting fight for him at 185 pounds. I think that there’s a lot of interesting fights for him at 205.”

Silva said that the difference in this fight compared to his fight with Chuck Liddell were the changes that he made to his team. “Now I’m start to train with the top guys. The last week I have the strongest sparring with the great names here. I have a good performance. I train a lot for this match. I know this is very very important to me. I wanted to come back one day to fight with the champion here. I know it’s possible, but I need to train more. I need to give another show to have more victories here,” Silva went on to say.

When Silva was asked about when his next fight could be, he made it clear that he’s always ready. “I am professional. The boss is here you need to talk to him. This is a job for me to work is what him he want me to come fight I fight.”

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