Dana White Takes Exception to Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal’s Comments

Written by Tom Ngo
September 15th, 2011

Strikeforce Light Heavyeight Muhammed King Mo Lawal

This past Saturday, Muhammed “King Mo” Lawal posted one of the most exciting performances of his career when he put Roger Gracie to sleep. Unfortunately for the former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion, there was nearly no media covering his 1stRound knockout victory. 

It was a disappointing fact that didn’t fail to catch King Mo’s attention, and he made sure to express his displeasure before and after his scrap. Then again, he was the one that compared Strikeforce to a “cancer patient” that was on its deathbed, so he shouldn’t be too surprised.

Regardless, Lawal was extremely critical of the absence of fan support, which directly implicates the lack of promotion Strikeforce put towards their return to the Buckeye State. It has been reported roughly 2,000 fans packed the U.S. Bank Arena this weekend, with only 274,000 viewers watching the Showtime broadcast from home.

The boisterous wrestler believes the UFC is pretty much plucking all of Strikeforce’s stars from their roster and leaving their little brother for dead. It appears his most recent remarks made their way to UFC president Dana White’s ears and MMA’s ultimate shot caller didn’t agree with what he was hearing.

“If Mo whatever the [expletive] his name is, or any of those guys, think I planned all this [expletive] they’re out of their minds,” White told Yahoo! Sports. “Yes, we signed [Alistair] Overeem and made the Brock [Lesnar] fight. Do you think I expected Nick Diaz to pull this [expletive]?

“We have all kinds of stuff going and I didn’t need this in my life. It is what it is and I never had a thought in my mind of [expletive] with Strikeforce. But I promote the UFC 24/7.”

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