Nick Diaz NOT in Dana White’s Doghouse

Written by Tom Ngo
September 22nd, 2011

Strikeforce Nick Diaz

Although Nick Diaz (Pictured) forced UFC president Dana White to experience some of the most bizarre 48 hours of his life, which cost the company $15,000 in unused plane tickets and thousands more in now-useless promotional mumbo jumbo, White claims he would feel comfortable granting the controversial welterweight another main event spot.

“I believe, and maybe I’m a little goofy, that I have a good rapport with this kid and we can work together,” White stated after Wednesday’s press conference in Denver, Colorado.

“Here’s the thing about Nick Diaz, he’s just a different guy. I’m going to have to handle him differently than I do every other guys in the UFC, but that’s cool. I can do that. I can figure this out where I can work with Nick and we can make this happen.”

After vacating his Strikeforce title to challenge Georges St-Pierre for his crown at UFC 137, Diaz decided to skip back-to-back press conferences to promote their October 29th pay-per-view broadcast. White abruptly yanked the opportunity of a lifetime out from underneath Diaz’s feet.

Mr. 209 never really provided an explanation to the MMA world on why he no-showed on the “beauty pageants,” but White appears to understand the situation perfectly.

“It’s very clear why he missed [the pressers]. He didn’t want to go,” White said. “He’s fought in smaller organizations where the inmates run the asylum. When you come over here, it’s a whole other ballgame. You don’t run the show. I do.

“The kid wanted a fight, but he didn’t like all the things that go along with fighting in the main event. So we said, ‘OK, we’ll put you in the co-main and ease you into this.'”

Diaz now co-headlines UFC 137 against BJ Penn, while GSP will defend his throne against Penn’s original opponent, Carlos Condit. The Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada will host the shindig.

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