Kimbo Slice, a Man of Few Words

Written by Tim Ngo
May 31st, 2008

YouTube sensation Kimbo Slice is by far the most notable fighter under the EliteXC banner. You’d figure that a guy with as much hype as Slice would be very outspoken. Instead, Slice is as quiet and as humble as a guy can get.

Want proof? When asked questions at a recent EliteXC press conference, Slice had an opportunity to put his personality on display and sell himself, but he opted to respond with very short responses.

At a recent EliteXC press conference, Slice was given the opportunity to talk about tonight’s EliteXC/CBS’ history making event as well as about himself, and all Slice had to say was, “hey.”

Okay, so maybe he’s not a speaker. When  asked if he was shy or if he enjoyed the media attention he responded by saying, “I’m good.”

It’s not that Slice is unfriendly; rather he decides not to get caught up in all of the hoopla that surrounds him on a daily basis.

Maybe he doesn’t like to talk to the media, or maybe he would rather let his punches do the talking. Whatever it is, it’s working, and Kevin Ferguson (aka Kimbo Slice) is going to continue to ride the wave until it’s all said and done.

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