Jon Jones: I Have a How-To Manual on Beating Rashad Evans

Written by Tom Ngo
September 28th, 2011

UFC Light Heavyweight Jon Jones

After posting his first successful UFC light heavyweight title defense, which most believe is just the beginning of a very long reign, champion Jon Jones (Pictured) refused to discuss his impending opponent because he stated Rashad Evans “ruined” his special moment for the second consecutive time by entering the Octagon following his victory.

Jones may not have had a lot to say about his friend-turned-foe on Saturday after UFC 135, but he sure opened up on The Jim Rome Show this morning. When asked about Evans’ claims that “Bones” is far too full of himself, Jones didn’t deny loving him some him. However, he states it’s simply out of necessity when you intend to be MMA’s G.O.A.T.

“Well, I definitely think of myself in a high regard,” Jones matter-of-factly said. “I think it’s important as an athlete to have a good self-esteem and look at yourself in a very high light. I think that’s the only way you can ever become something great, is if you fake it until you make it.

“So I’m not gonna really defend myself with him saying that I think I’m something special to the sport, because I truly do and I’m working towards that so that it may come true one day.”

Jones is expected to be a significant favorite entering their much-anticipated scrap. The 24-year-old professes their contest will go one of two ways, and he’ll be working tirelessly to ensure the latter takes place.

“I think Rashad could be either a really tough fight, or simply the easiest fight in my career,” Jones shared.” I’m gonna train to make it the easiest fight in my career.

“I don’t like Rashad and that’s gonna motivate me to work my butt off and get through. I have a really good blueprint already of what to do to beat him, and I’m very aware of the ways that I could lose the fight, as well. I’ll take everything into consideration and formulate a great game plan.”

Speaking of strategies, Jones will once again have the benefit of working with the game’s ultimate guru in Greg Jackson, who also mentored Evans to the title not too long ago. However, the line in the sand was drawn and “Suga” bounced from the famed fight team after believing Jackson grew sweeter on Jones.

“Rashad has also been insulting Greg Jackson and that’s not a smart thing to do, to insult the coaches that taught you MMA for six years,” Jones said in closing. “I have a how-to manual on how to beat him and I think we’re gonna do a great job of formulating a masterpiece and a great formula of beating him.”

No word from the UFC on when the 205-pound grudge match will go down.

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