Roland Delorme Discusses Akira and Neace’s Growing Feud on “The Ultimate Fighter 14”

Written by Tom Ngo
October 6th, 2011

UFC Roland Delorme

In case you missed last night’s episode of “The Ultimate Fighter 14,” you can get yourself caught up to speed by reading Roland Delorme’s (Pictured) take on the show right here on 5thRound.com. As we mentioned last week, the bantamweight contestant will be blogging exclusively for us throughout the season.

Delorme just opened up a Twitter account, too. So make sure to give him a follow @rolanddelorme1!

Episode 3:

After the team picks and the first fight, we started to get comfortable in the house and things started become routine; eat, train, sleep, repeat. Even the beef between Akira Corassani and Dustin Neace was becoming routine.

It wasn’t just for cameras, either. They truly hated each other, but it was all Akira’s fault considering Dustin really did nothing but be himself and Akira seemed to see weakness in that, which is a huge mistake.

The verbal jabs between these two are never ending, no matter where we are. If it was the gym, house or wherever, it was hard to hide the fact these two didn’t like each other – and this was only the first week. Trust me when I say there’s more where that came from and your gonna see a lot more mud thrown in the next couple weeks, so I’ll talk more about that then.

As for Johnny Bedford and Josh Ferguson, I was excited to see this fight and both guys wanted it. Right from the moment we picked teams, Johnny wanted to fight first. He hurt his hand in the first fight to get in the house and wanted to fight right away so that he would have three weeks to heal his hand if he won.
We didn’t know it then, but John Dodson was telling Team Bisping our fight picks and our gameplans for the fights. No wonder they always seemed to know what was about to happen. But we will not be denied our victory, no matter what.

Even though Josh tried to get in Johnny’s head at the fight announcement with the ‘F*** you, Bedford’ piece of paper he pulled out of his underwear, for Team Mayhem, it’s business as usual and we’re in the business of winning fights. So we were ready for war and both fighters brought it to the cage.

After winning the first fight we wanted to keep control – and knowing both guys are good at the same thing, but Johnny had more experience and was a better all-around fighter – Josh came to scrap and you can’t look past heart. It goes a long way in this sport.

The fight went the way we expected it, Johnny grinding out a decision but there was a definite close call in the 2ndRound with a flying knee that just missed Johnny’s face. After the win, we felt good. We still had control, but it was only the second fight and we got a long road ahead.

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