“UFC 136: Edgar vs. Maynard III” Post-Fight Press Conference Notes

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
October 8th, 2011

UFC President Dana White

UFC 136: Edgar vs. Maynard III” is officially a wrap. For those of you that weren’t able to catch the post-fight press conference, we’ve jotted down the presser’s key points to get you caught up to speed.

The reported attendance was 16,164 and garnered a live gate of $2.2 million.

Kenny Florian doesn’t know if he will retire or what’s next.

Chael Sonnen didn’t think the layoff was too long. It was “just for things he got caught for.”

Sonnen said he meant everything he said to Silva. A deal’s a deal. He would have done something if Silva said that to him, but Silva just sat there. It was a good move by Silva.

Dana White said Frankie Edgar is #2 pound-for-pound in the world.

White said he told Edgar before he should move to featherweight because that’s how much he weighs. If Edgar wanted to move, he would have to relinquish his lightweight belt.

White believes Edgar is best boxer in MMA.

White jumped out of his seat when Edgar won.

Jose Aldo knew he couldn’t be too explosive because Florian would have beat him.

Joe Lauzon thought Melvin Guillard underestimated him by going to UFC Fan Expo earlier Saturday.

White said their Super Bowl events always take place in Las Vegas. Not sure if Silva vs. Sonnen will be there.

Gray Maynard learned his lesson from their rematch by not going too hard after Edgar when he was dazed today, but he still went after him but just couldn’t finish.

When asked if Silva vs. Sonnen would be in Brazil, White said, “I want Chael to get out alive.”

White doesn’t know who is next in line for the lightweight title.

Seems like White is pushing Edgar to move to featherweight, but it’s up to Edgar. Edgar appears open to it, but he started at 155 and is the champ.

White said they will be back to Houston, but they want to do an event in Dallas’ big stadium, as well.

Edgar will fight anybody, but thinks a bout with Gilbert Melendez will sell a lot of pay-per-views.

White said he would have killed himself if ‘Edgar vs. Maynard III’ was another draw.

Nam Phan thought he lost before the scores were read.

White said Edgar couldn’t let The Situation and Snooki down, who were in attendance. #Jersey

Sonnen said he was happy to make his first successful middleweight title defense tonight. He’s willing to give Anderson a shot at his belt.

Aldo said it would be an honor to fight in Brazil, but it’s not up to him.

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