Lisa Marie Varon: Kim Couture Doesn’t Want To Fight Me

Written by Tim Ngo
August 25th, 2009

After a reputable newspaper erroneously reported that former WWE & TNA wrestler Lisa Marie Varon wanted to fight Kim Couture, Varon took the time to respond via her MySpace page saying, “Without my knowledge, he [an agent] gave an interview to the Dayton Daily News, suggesting that he represented me and that I am gunning for Kim Couture. Neither were true.”

The agent that Varon is talking about doesn’t even represent her. He was just one of many agents she consulted to discuss the possibilities of a fight against Couture, but that “the numbers weren’t right for the fight.”

Couture responded by telling MMAJunkie that she doesn’t know if Varon could make it down to 135lbs. to fight her.

Varon quickly cleared up that snag by saying, “Kim, I do walk around in the low 150’s. But as a former bodybuilder and fitness competitor, I know how to cut weight as good or better than most fighters. I cut to 119 for one show. I know I can get to 135. But frankly, you don’t want me to.”

It appears that Varon has every intention to attend Strikeforce’s next “Challengers” event in Oklahoma on September 25th and hopes to see someone special there.

“So Kim, I have a tremendous amount of respect for the heart you showed in your first pro fight,” Varon continued. “Tremendous. And you may be a nice stepping stone for me if I choose to drop down to 135. But as for the veiled insults toward me, I find them cute. Because for us to meet up in the ring, you’d be bringing a knife to a gun fight. I hope to be attending the Strikeforce event in Oklahoma next month. Perhaps I’ll see you there.”

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