Chael Sonnen Withdraws Loser-Leaves-Town Challenge to Anderson Silva

Written by Tom Ngo
October 18th, 2011

UFC Middleweight Chael Sonnen

After easily disposing of Brian Stann at UFC 136, Chael Sonnen (Pictured) proceeded to issue Anderson Silva the only loser-leaves-town challenge in Octagon history. Although the middleweight king appeared unfazed by the ultimatum, Silva remained in his cageside seat and allowed his chatty challenger to taunt him.

Given the countless WWE-esque things that have come out of Sonnen’s mouth over the past couple of years, many questioned whether his threat was serious. Today on The Jim Rome Show, the controversial wrestler pulled his unprecedented proposal off the table due to Silva’s unresponsiveness.

“That offer was good when I made it, but it’s like any offer, they’ve got to expire,” Sonnen stated. “Apparently, that didn’t work. I’m doing anything I can to lure him out, and yes, I would have absolutely done that. I’ll do a winner-takes-all, I’ll do any stipulation that he wants. All he needed to do was stand up and give me a thumbs up. If he wanted to accept that offer, all he needed to do was nod to me, have one of his handlers come in the back and say, ‘Anderson accepts.’

“He did the exact opposite. He went to the media and said, ‘I do not want to fight that guy.’ So what can I do? Now I gotta come up with a new offer.”

Although Sonnen has emerged as MMA’s most creative and articulate trash talker, the 34-year-old was at a loss for words when asked if he had any additional outlandish challenges up his sleeve.

“It’s like music, there’s only so many notes,” Sonnen expressed. “Eventually I’m gonna exhaust my options. But again, whether he wants to do it or not, we’re gonna do it.

“Anderson doesn’t pick the fights. And his manger [Ed Soares] that keeps getting airtime darn sure doesn’t have anything to do with it. [UFC president] Dana White will decide. And if Dana says ‘Yes,’ then we’re fighting, and if Dana says ‘No,’ then we’re not. I don’t need Anderson’s opinion, I’ll slap Anderson the next time I see him.”

With no additional slights to sling in the Brazilian’s direction, Sonnen appeared comfortable with leaving his fate in White’s hands. However, it seems the former realtor needs a raise because he wasn’t willing to waste a $1.50 on a past opportunity to confront Silva.

“I was gonna dump a Coke on him one time,” Sonnen said in closing. “He was sitting right next to me and the waitress had just brought me a Coke, and if I thought he was worth the buck-fifty I spent on the soft drink I woulda done it.”

After manhandling Siva for nearly five complete rounds at UFC 117, Sonnen was abruptly submitted with only 110 ticks remaining on the clock. Sonnen has been pushing for a rematch ever since.

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