Martin “The Hitman” Kampmann Looks to Make His Mark at UFC 85

Written by Tim Ngo
June 7th, 2008

Martin Kampmann was originally scheduled to face former UFC Middleweight champion Rich Franklin at UFC 72, but while training Kampmann completely blew out his left knee. Then during a comeback attempt, Kampmann re-injured the knee and was forced to have a second surgery. When asked about the condition of his knee, Kampmann told us, “it’ll be good for fighting, I’m hoping it’ll be as good as before.”

It is possible that “Octagon rust” could set in, as he hasn’t had a fight in over 13 months. Kampmann’s last fight was a submission victory over highly touted striker Drew McFedries at UFC 68.

For a guy known as “The Hitman” and his world class Muay-Thai ability, strangely enough he has 9 wins via submission and only 6 by knockout. “I didn’t come up with that name myself. It was a Danish MMA reporter that came up with that nickname because he always thought I was kind of cool and professional in the ring or in the cage, wherever. He came up with it and I don’t know, it kind of stuck from there. Then I decided well I might as well use it because since everybody else is using that nickname as well.”

“The complications I’m having now are still more from the first one [surgery]. The second one was just a minor correction of the first one if you can say that,” Kampmann explained.

Kampmann is now looking to get over the fact that he lost an opportunity to go up against a guy like Rich Franklin, but he did admit that he, “was very disappointed. Very disappointed,” that he was unable to take the fight that Yushin Okami eventually lost.

Now more than a year later, Kampmann (12-1-0) is looking to resume his path to the top of the Middleweight division, but the first test for both he and his knee will be a very tough Jorge Rivera.

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