Georges St-Pierre vs. Nick Diaz Slated for Super Bowl Saturday

Written by Tom Ngo
October 30th, 2011

UFC Welterweight Champ Georges St-Pierre Manila

UFC president Dana White announced during the “UFC 137: Penn vs. Diaz” post-fight press conference that Carlos Condit has willingly stepped aside to allow the planet’s premier mixed martial arts promotion to arrange the biggest welterweight showdown in history.

Following Nick Diaz’s convincing win over BJ Penn on Saturday night, Mr. 209 used his post-fight celebratory speech to not only call out reigning UFC 170-pound king Georges St-Pierre (Pictured), but also question the legitimacy behind GSP’s injured knee and hamstring.

“I don’t think Georges is hurt,” Diaz emphatically stated. “I think he’s scared to fight everybody right now.”

According to White, St-Pierre ain’t scared, homie. After being put on blast, White claimed he’d never seen St-Pierre as upset as he was after UFC 137 wrapped and knew he had to comply to his champion’s demands.

“I’ve known GSP since 2004, he’s one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met,” White said. “GSP flipped out tonight when Nick was in the ring. Nick needs motivation, he’s got it. He’s gonna fight GSP.”

Although St-Pierre didn’t get the opportunity to rock the mic himself, White relayed the French-Canadian’s irate message for him.

“He’s the most disrespectful human being I’ve ever met, and I’m going to put the worst beating you’ve ever seen on him,” White told the media on St-Pierre’s behalf.

Although Diaz claimed nothing good came from his win over Penn because he was initially scheduled to fight St-Pierre in the first place, it was clear he was excited about the opportunity.

White said their shootout will go down Super Bowl Saturday (February 4th) in Las Vegas, Nevada – assuming St-Pierre doesn’t suffer any setbacks in his rehab process.

Condit has asked to compete on the same card. He will get next dibs at the title if he beats his yet-to-be announced opponent.

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