Chris Leben Not Looking to Work Overtime at UFC 138

Written by Tom Ngo
November 4th, 2011

UFC Middleweight Chris Leben

Tomorrow night at UFC 138, Chris Leben (Pictured) and Mark Munoz will star in the Octagon’s first non-title five-round affair. Although their middleweight scrap can go a maximum of 25 minutes, Leben will be looking to end things early in England.

“I’ve been watching a lot of fights lately where the champs, maybe it’s just me, but they seem to be fighting not to lose,” Leben expressed during Thursday’s press conference. “For myself, I’d quit if that’s what I start doing. I fight to win. I fight to finish my opponent.

“I don’t fight to not lose, and that’s what you’re gonna see.”

Leben must be referring to welterweight Georges St-Pierre (four), bantamweight Dominick Cruz (four) and featherweight Jose Aldo (two), as the reigning champions have posted unanimous decision wins in their past several outings. The UFC’s other divisional champs have posted finishes in their last fights.

While some have complained about the lack of star power surrounding this freebie fight card, Leben believes the two will live up to their top billing status and wow fans with their performances.

“Sometimes we put these main events together because of their names. And what? It sucks,” Leben expressed. “We’re gonna get in there and we’re gonna do it. I promise you a great show.

“As far as I’m concerned, I’m here to do my job. Once that cage door closes, we’re trying to kick the [expletive] out of each other.”

Munoz appeared to agree with most of what Leben stated, as he quickly chimed in with, “I second that.”

UFC 138 takes place inside the LG Arena in Birmingham, England.

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