“UFC Undisputed 3” Pride Mode Video Trailer

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
November 5th, 2011

UFC Undisputed 3 Mirko Cro Cop

If you haven’t heard, “UFC Undisputed 3” will allow gamers to relive some of the most exciting fights that took place in Japan by using Pride mode.

On Friday, THQ unveiled the trailer for one of the most talked about additions to the third incarnation of the highly popular combat sport simulator.

The complete roster of Pride fighters was announced on Wednesday.

Not only will button mashers get the honor of playing inside of a ring, sport blue MMA gloves, utilize head stomps and soccer kicks in Pride mode, but you’ll also get to see Quinton Jackson rock his Apollo Creed shorts.

“UFC Undisputed 3” is currently in development for the XBox 360 and PlayStation3 consoles. The game is scheduled to hit shelves on February 14th.

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