Tito Ortiz "65 percent" Sure of Creating His Own MMA Organization

Written by Tim Ngo
June 6th, 2008

After Tito Ortiz’ contract had expired following Bruce Buffer’s announcement that Lyoto Machida had taken a unanimous decision victory at UFC 84, many began to wonder which organization Ortiz would be signing with next. What people didn’t think was that the organization he would be signing with could actually be his own. Ortiz recently told the Boston Herald, “I want to make a (rival) company neck and neck with the UFC.”

Ortiz had also gone on the Howard Stern Radio Show to promote his new book, but he also pointed out that, “I’ll be doing my own promotions and I’ll possibly be co-promoting with some other companies already in the business.”

With Donald Trump’s recent partnership with Affliction, it is possible that if he did team up with another promotion that it would in fact be Affliction. Ortiz, if you recall was on Trump’s reality series “The Apprentice” this past season.

Just because he’s mulling over the thought of creating his own promotion, don’t think that he’s done fighting just yet, as he reminded the Herald, “I still see 3-4 more years of competition left (in me).”

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