Roland Delorme Discusses Akira’s Ironic Loss on ‘TUF 14’

Written by Tom Ngo
November 10th, 2011

UFC TUF Roland Delorme

As you know, “The Ultimate Fighter 14” bantamweight contestant Roland Delorme (Pictured) has been blogging exclusively for 5thRound.com all season. Some crazy pranks went down in last night’s show, and Delorme got a first-hand look at all the excitement.

Here’s Delorme’s take on Episode 8:

“The semifinals are finally here and stage is set and ready to go. The episode starts with Akira Corassani shaving Bryan Caraway’s head while he’s sleeping – just to mess with him knowing that he’s obsessive compulsive about his hair and belongings, hoping to get under his skin and throw his mind off the competition.

The thing about Caraway is that (keep in mind that I’m not a doctor) he’s like manic depressive/ obsessive compulsive or something because everything for him has to be perfect and his highs and lows are extreme. You never know with him, from one day to the next if he’s gonna be super happy with himself or super depressed about everything going, and it changes from one minute to the next.

His biggest weakness is his own mind and once he starts having bad thoughts it seems like he lets them spiral out of control. So it’s easy to see why Akira decided to pick on him hoping he’d be more worried about sleeping at night than his upcoming fight.

Now, the prank they pulled after our training session was pretty good, I have to admit, but at the time I was pretty pissed considering I got asthma and that fire extinguisher wreaked havoc on my lungs. I got a hard enough time breathing normally, let alone when I’m breathing that crap in my lungs. I wasn’t very impressed, but the idea was a good one and caught my team off guard.

We had seen the mariachi band arrive so we knew something was up, but we didn’t know what and then bam all hell breaks loose. When I was in the change room and the first extinguisher went off, I was like ‘Wow, that’s weak’ and then I heard some banging. Before I knew it they had put three holes with a sledgehammer and the extinguishers were coming through each one, plus the door so it didn’t take long for the whole room and gym to fill, and I mean fill with smoke or whatever that stuff is. I thought that was pretty damn clever of Tiki Ghosn, because I know Michael Bisping doesn’t have the brain power to come up with that.

Originally they were gonna hook Jason Mayhem Miller’s car up to a crane, pick it up and drop it and destroy it, but the producers said ‘No, that’s way too far.’ So I guess this was their second choice.

Dennis Bermudez, if you haven’t noticed, is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. All season long he would ask and say the dumbest stuff I’ve ever heard, but he was a good guy and worked hard in the gym and was constantly helping me with my wrestling game, which I appreciated.

Akira was trying to get inside Bermudez’s head by writing these ‘quote of the day’ cartoons that poked fun at the stupid things Bermudez would say on a daily basis, which only added fuel to Bermudez’s fire. It blew up in Akira’s face, especially when he made up that song in the kitchen about beating up Dennis and choking him out at the end. Little did he know that at the end of the fight, he would be the one choked unconscious. A little irony for Akira.

The fight starts with a bang and the pace is high. Dennis ends up getting dropped three times in the first couple minutes. Akira seemed to have Dennis out, but Dennis has a lot of heart and keeps getting back up and desperately tries to take it to the ground. Akira shows great takedown defense and seems to be controlling the fight, but it only takes one time for the fight to change in dramatic fashion. Dennis gets dropped and does a complete 360 and again shoots for his legs securing a single-leg, then switches to a double-leg pinning Akira against the cage.

Dennis does a great job of not letting Akira get back to his feet and sinks a guillotine the choke. At first, it isn’t really on but with Akira trapped against the cage it gives him time to readjust his hands and get it deep on the third try. Before you know it, Dennis is putting Akira to bed (sweet dreams) and another hard-fought victory for Dennis.”

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