Forrest Griffin Apologizes for “Rape” Tweet

Written by Tom Ngo
November 11th, 2011

UFC Light Heavyweight Forrest Griffin

Just days after receiving a $5,000 Twitter bonus from the UFC for being one of the company’s most “creative” tweeters, Forrest Griffin (Pictured) posted a highly-controversial message claiming, “Rape is the new missionary.” 

The former light heavyweight champion was attempting to make a joke about how rape has become commonplace given the number of recent high-profile cases in the news, including Penn State’s riveting scandal involving minors.

On Thursday, the 32-year-old did his best to try and right the wrong.

“I feel bad, I want to apologize, I feel like a should be punished a little bit,” Griffin told KTNV. “I like to cause trouble, I like to stir the pot and I like to make a mess of things, but I really do not want to be mean or malicious to anyone.”

After receiving quite a bit of backlash, Griffin promptly removed the tweet and replaced it with, “by the time you want to take it back, its out there. I’m sorry. I’m gonna go ahead and put myself on twitter restriction.”

Yesterday, Griffin paid a personal visit to the Rape Crisis Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The recent first-time father took a tour of the facility and made a donation before leaving.

“Maybe other professional athletes or just guys in locker rooms can kind of be more sensitive towards the topic of rape,” Griffin added. “Once you take the comments in the light of day you feel disgusted by it, but at the time you don’t think.”

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