UFC 102: Couture vs. Nogueira Results

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
August 29th, 2009

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UFC 102 featured a main event between two former UFC champions in Randy Couture and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. The highly anticipated fight definitely lived up to the hype as the two legends battled for the entire 3Rounds, to the delight of MMA fans around the world. Couture came up a little short, but definitely proved that he still has a lot left in the tank.

UFC 102 popped off inside the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon on Saturday night. The pay-per-view broadcast featured a total of eleven bouts. Here is a quick recap of the evening’s festivities:

Marcus Aurelio

Evan Dunham
Result: Evan Dunham Defeated Marcus Aurelio via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 30-27)

Nick Catone

Mark Munoz
Result: Mark Munoz Defeated Nick Catone via Split Decision (28-29, 30-27, 29-28)

Tim Hague

Todd Duffee
Result: Todd Duffee Defeated Tim Hague via TKO at :07 in the 1stRound

Justin McCully

Mike Russow
Result: Mike Russow Defeated Justin McCully via Unanimous Decision (29-28, 30-26, 30-27)

Gabriel Gonzaga

Chris Tuchscherer
Result: Gabriel Gonzaga Defeated Chris Tuchscherer via TKO (Punches) at 4:27 in the 1stRound

Ed Herman

Aaron Simpson
Result: Aaron Simpson Defeated Ed Herman via TKO (Injury) at :17 in the 2ndRound

Krzysztof Soszynski

Brandon Vera
1stRound: A kick to Soszynski’s body early was the most significant of the 1stRound as Vera was able to keep Soszynski at bay with kicks. Not a whole lot of action but Vera easily wins due to inactivity by Soszynski.2ndRound: Vera’s speed is a lot more apparent as Soszynski is unable to use his power to his advantage. Soszynski finally scores a takedown with a minute to go in the 1stRound but Vera is able to pull himself back up as a weary Soszynski gets pushed up against the cage as the round comes to an end.

3rdRound: With the pressure of suffering his first loss in the UFC, Soszynski is clearly showing the sense of urgency he should’ve had from the start but Vera’s speed and elusiveness is still too much for Soszynski halfway through the final round. Vera scores a trip up against the cage and immediately lands in half guard as he tries to reign down some punches. A low blow causes a brief break, as the action resumes Vera continues to dominate the fight with a slower Soszynski trying everything he can to make something happen.

Result: Brandon Vera Defeated Krzysztof Soszynski via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Nate Marquardt

Demian Maia
1stRound: Demian Maia attempts to lunge in at Marquardt and eats a straight right that drops him and Marquardt steps on top of Maia to continue pounce on him but knowing that Maia was already out, he pulls up as the referee stops the bout. Marquardt seems to have cemented a title shot against Anderson Silva with the win.
Result: Nate Marquardt Defeated Demian Maia via KO at :21 in the 1stRound

Chris Leben

Jake Rosholt
1stRound: When the fight begins the pro-Leben crowd chants his name as Leben scores a takedown on the wrestler, Rosholt. Once on the ground, Leben is unable to get another going so he gets back to his feet. It’s clear that Leben wants to control the action as he’s throwing a lot of leg kicks to Rosholt’s lead leg throughout the round. Rosholt grabs a body lock and ends up in the mount until Leben squirms out and eats a knee on the way back up to his feet. With the round coming to a close, Leben begins to throw wildly as the crowd goes crazy.2ndRound: Rosholt lands a nice two punch combination but gets a little too overconfident rushing forward when Leben throws a big left hook that forces Rosholt to get off balance and gives Leben the chance to end up in Rosholt’s full guard. With no action taking place the fight gets put back on the feet but neither fighter seizes control until a straight left to Rosholt’s face gives Leben the most significant strike of the round. Rosholt fights back and scores a takedown on Leben and ends up in the half guard where he’s able to ground and pound a little until Leben gets back to his feet.

3rdRound: Leben starts with a right kick that gives Rosholt the opportunity to score a takedown and once again end up in the half guard where he begins to work his ground game. Rosholt is able to sink in a arm triangle and puts Leben to sleep.

Result: Jake Rosholt Defeated Chris Leben via Submission (Arm Triangle) at 1:30 in the 3rdRound

Thiago Silva

Keith Jardine
1stRound: Jardine starts with a strong leg kick but Silva comes back with a left hook that drops Jardine and then a straight right on the ground from the top makes Jardine’s body go limp.Result: Thiago Silva Defeated Keith Jardine via TKO (Strikes) at 1:35 in the 1stRound

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Randy Couture
1stRound: Couture starts with a short left hook and both fighters get into some dirty boxing as Nogueira tries to pull guard but Couture pulls back out. Nogueira lands a three punch combination that drops Couture as he pushes for a darce choke but Couture was able to survive and get back to his feet. Couture strikes back with another left hook as both fighters are going back and forth. The crowd goes crazy as both guys continue to dirty box. Couture pushes Nogueira up against the cage as the round comes to an end.2ndRound: Couture continues to use his speed but gets caught with a left hook but Nogueira tries to pull guard as Couture escape and ends up in Nogueira’s full guard. Nogueira amazingly sweeps Couture into the full mount but Couture is able to fight out into the half guard. Nogueira sinks in an arm triangle on Couture while in the full mount but Couture is still mounted by Nogueira. Couture fights back to his feet as both warriors continue to exchange on their feet.

3rdRound: Nogueira drops Couture again at the start of the 3rdRound but Couture is able to survive once again, but Nogueira moves into side control up against the Octagon cage. As Couture tries to escape, Nogueira takes Couture’s back but Couture is able to spin Nogueira and end up in the full guard but there’s only a little over a minute left. Nogueira eats a couple Couture elbows but the effect is little.

Result: Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira Defeated Randy Coutre via Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28)

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