Written by Tom Ngo
June 10th, 2008

Michael Bisping’s recent drop in weight classes was significant for the growth of a struggling UFC Middleweight division. However, the British born fighter is also the key player in the UFC’s continued efforts for international expansion. It is no coincidence that every time the UFC promotes an event outside of the United States, particularly in England, the popular Brit is always on the card. Now he, his career and the UFC are starting to reap the benefits.

“Every time I fight here in England, the fans are just amazing,” stated Bisping.

The UFC is hoping that with Bisping’s popularity, they will be able to continue to utilize him and convincingly make the UFC an international brand. In addition to that, the more success that Bisping has, the more likely British fighters will be able to step onto the scene and help Bisping carry the load.

“I absolutely welcome more and more UK fighters,” said the country’s stand alone star. “We’ve got some amazing talent in this country and I want the world to see it. I am very proud of being one of the more prominent UK fighters.”

A lot of pressure has been put on Bisping’s broad shoulders since he emerged as The Ultimate Fighter Champion nearly two years ago, but don’t look for him to succumb to it.

“As far as the pressure, the pressure that I put on myself to perform, for the UFC, for me, for my family, nothing could ever top that pressure,” he said. 

It may be hard to believe, but at 16-1 Bisping seems to be getting better, and that may be a scary thought for is fellow Middleweights. In a depth deprived division, an up-and-coming star may be exactly what the 185-pound weight class needs.

“Every time I fight in the UFC, my mental preparation is getting better and better,” expressed Bisping.

When asked if he thought we was ready for a shot at current UFC Middleweight champion Anderson Silva, Bisping understands that he is new to the division and has to wait his turn.

“I recon that I can go through many of the guys in this division. But I know it is not my time yet, but I want to get there. I’m not deserving of a title shot yet. I still need a couple more fights, but when it comes I will be ready,” he elaborated.

As far as what else may be helping Bisping’s growth, the Brit believes a lot of it has to do more with his mental growth than his growth as an MMA fighter.

“I think I’m getting rid of some of the demons that I had in the past,” he said.

Bisping also plans on getting rid of some 185-pounders in the future.

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